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LEE Undergravel filter
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Added strength of the Premiuim UGF plates makes this filter most preferred by saltwater aquarist.

Undergravel filters clean and filter the water by pulling it down through the gravel, trapping contaminates in the gravel and leaving the water clear and healthful for fish. The gravel provides both the mechanical filtration needed to trap the large particulates of excess food and fish feces, and the surface area to cultivate biological activity for cleaning the water of dangerous biological by-products such as Ammonia.

This biological filter has a multi-level plate design.* The larger plate sizes reduce the number of plates required. Ripples shape also expands the surface area, enlarging the biological filter bed for more efficient biological filtration.

Molded gravel guards eliminate the possibility of gravel falling down the uplift tube.

Includes Premium Carbon Cartridges, Slim Discard-A-Stones, telescoping ring for uplift tube height adjustment and Lee's fish-saver elbow.

Made of special quality plastic which resists splitting and cracking.

Many sizes and shapes to fit all types of aquariums

Part # Description Price Quantity
LE13152 Premium Biological Filtration UnderGravel Filter, 10 gal. 10" x 20" $ 15.49
LE13154 Premium Biological Filtration UnderGravel Filter, 15/20H gal 12x24" $ 17.49
LE13156 Premium Biological Filtration UnderGravel Filter, 20L/29 gal. 12" X 30" $ 19.99
LE13158 Premium Biological Filtration UnderGravel Filter, 30 gal. 12" X 36" $ 19.99
LE13160 Premium Biological Filtration UnderGravel Filter, 40/55 gal. 12" X 48" $ 27.49
LE13163 Premium Biological Filtration UnderGravel Filter, 58 gal. 18" X 36" $ 34.99
LE13166 Premium Biological Filtration UnderGravel Filter, 70/75/90 gal. 18" X48" $ 42.99
LE13178 Premium Biological Filtration UnderGravel Filter, 125/135 gal. 18" X72" $ 69.95
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Lee's undergravel filter
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Undergravel filtration for aquariums up to 150 gallons.

It is a trouble-free Biological Filter designed with adjustable 1" uplift tubes for better water circulation. It is the key to providing a strong biological filtration system.

Multiple plate construction makes installation easy.

Placed under the gravel on the bottom surface of the aquarium, the filter plates utilize the gravel bed as a source area and provide oxygen by recirculating the water down through the media and up through the uplift tubes.

Advance design allows separate plate installation and features optional flow-thru set-up which can be used with a power head.

  • Lee's Original Undergravel Filter Features
  • Made of special quality plastic which resists splitting and cracking.
  • Carbon inserts for cleaner water.
  • 1" Riser Stem creates strong upward flow.

Includes airline tubing and Discard-A-Stone and has a fish-saver feature that keeps fish frm being sucked into dangerous places.

For use in freshwater or saltwater aquariums.

Available in 3 different styles to fit rectangular, hexagonal, octagonal, and flatback aquariums.

Part # Description Price Quantity
LE13200 Undergravel Filter, 1 gal. 4" $ 3.99
LE13202 Undergravel Filter, 2 gal 5" $ 4.99
LE13210 Undergravel Filter, 10 gal 10" x 20" $ 8.99
LE13215 Undergravel Filter, 15/20 gal 12" x 24" $ 10.99
LE13220 Undergravel Filter, 20L/29 gal 12" x 30" $ 14.99
LE13230 Undergravel Filter, 30 gal 12" x 36" $ 15.49
LE13240 Undergravel Filter, 40/55 gal 12" x 48" $ 19.99
LE13265 Undergravel Filter, 115/150 gal 15" x 72" $ 39.99
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Image for Lee Dicard-a-stone aquarium air stones
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Lee Discard-a-stone has fine bubbles that keep your tank circulating

Discard-A-Stones are disposable air diffusers with reusable inserts for attaching airline. They are an excellent aeration device for use in under gravel filters, corner filters or just as decorations.

  • Discard-a-stone Aquarium Air Stones FEATURE:
  • Easy to use and easy to change.
  • Adds oxygen off the top of the tank to keep water fresh.
  • Three sizes: Coarse, Fine, and Slim. Bulk packs of 100 also available
Part # Description Price Quantity
LE12520 Discard-a-stone, Coarse; 2 pack $ 2.99
LE12521 Discard-a-stone, Fine, 6 Pack $ 2.99
LE12525 $ 22.99
Wooden Air Diffusers
LE12550 Wooden Air Diffuser, 2"; 2pk $ 4.99
LE12555 Wooden Air Diffuser, 3"; 2 PK $ 5.99
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Image for LimeWood Wooden Air Diffusers
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Wooden Air Diffusers are manufactured from an all-natural lime wood.

Each diffuser is precisely hand-cut against the grain of the wood to allow for maximum output of super-fine bubbles to be released from the micro pores of the wood. Wooden Air Diffusers are the ideal diffuser for use in air-driven, saltwater protein skimmers.

Longevity may vary in view of the fact that it is a natural product.

Part # Description Price Quantity
LE12550 Wooden Air Diffuser, 2"; 2pk $ 4.99
LE12555 Wooden Air Diffuser, 3"; 2 PK $ 5.99
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Featured Fish Tank Filter Articles


Under Gravel Filter

Undergravel filters are usually the first and primary filter used by the beginner aquarium hobbyist.

They are a simple solution to the complicated filtering needed by any reasonable-sized aquarium.

The filter "plate" is placed under the gravel. Tubes from the plate contain an air stone attached to the air pump (outside the tank). The air pumped through the air stone at the bottom of the tube creates an upward current of of water that draws water from underneath the filter plate up the tube and back into the tank.

As the water is drawn from the tank, down through the gravel to the underneath area of the plate, it is filtered. Large paraticulates such as uneaten food and fish feces are left on top of the gravel (they are too large to get through the tiny gravel pores).

Additionally, bacteria live in the gravel - bacteria that thrive on the biological waste from the fish metabolism and waste. The bacteria "eat" the ammonia and nitrite, turning it to a less toxic type of ammonia and nitrate (a good plant fertilizer).

The main drawback to undergravel filters is that they are not adequate as the only filter for a large tank (more than 15-20 gallons of sparcely populated tank). They also require more laborious maintenance than most other types of filters. Because the large particulates are trapped on TOP of the gravel, frequent gravel vacuuming is necessary.

Because they do not hold enough surface area for a large amount of beneficial bacteria, they do not cleanse the tank of enough toxic ammonia and nitrite for fish health. More fish die from ammonia build-up than from any other water problem.

A heavily populated tank needs much more biological filtration than a sparsely populated tank because it produces more waste. Also, as your tank matures, the load grows. A saltwater aquarium needs considerably more efficient biological filtration than a freshwater tank needs because its inhabitants are infinitely more sensitive to environmental toxins.

An undergravel filter is the first and primary step toward tank filteration, and nearly every tank that has more than about 1/2' of gravel must has one.


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